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Turner-Rowe Designs

Tiara with silver beads and Swarovski crytals.  The base is

wrapped with tiny silver beads.  £55

Tiara with Swarovski crystals in amethyst, clear and silver beads.  Base wrapped with tiny silver beads. £45

Tiara with Aroura borealis coated chips and rose quartz. 

Base wrapped with tiny pink shimmering tablet beads.  £39

Tiara with Swarovski crystals, silver balls and stardust silver beads.  £35

Golden base tiara with ivory freshwater pearls and aroura

borealis chips.  £45

Swarovski crystal and silver delicate tiara with

silver wrapped teardrop centre.   Base with tiny silver

balls. £39

Contemporary tiara with silver curls

and Swarovski crystal centre 'swan neck'

drop.  £40

Elegant and stylish tiara with Swarovski

crystals, stardust and silver balls.  Base

wrapped with tiny silver beads and centre c

rystals.  £55

Retro-style beautiful pearl tiara on silver base,

interspersed with silver, stardust and crystal beads. 


Retro style tiara on silver base with amathyst beads

and aroura borealis cubes.  £45

Classically designed 'Faerie Tayle' tiara with a silver base, it has graduated points and is encrusted with Swarovski crystals, with a single dangly teardrop in the centre.  £60

A contemporary design, this coronet style tiara was woven with  sterning silver wirework, it has tiny sead beads at the base and is studded with pale silver and shiny grey pearls.  The silver is soft and quite pliable, so can easily be moulded to fit different hairstyles.  A comb can be fitted if required. £65


Gorgeous Silver Tiara with Swarovski crystals, stardust silver beads and hand crafted solid silver flowers and leaves.  The flowers have been given a slight antiqued finish to give depth and the centres are filled with tiny irridescent beads or silver curled stamens.  This is a commissioned piece.  P.O.A.  If you would like something similar, please contact me to discuss your requirements.  Prices start from £75  for this type of design and matching items can be made too.

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