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Turner-Rowe Designs

Freeform 99.9% fine silver ring.  Very chunky. Size M.  Burnished detail with textured background and aquamarine 3mm stone.  £35

Fine silver freeform ring size K.  Burnished background with swirl detail and single 3mm cubic zirconia.  £35

Fine silver freeform ring.  Size N.  A mixture of brushed and brnished silver, with curl detail shoulders and a single 3mm aquamarine stone.  Sold

Freeform fine silver ring, size O.  With a raised 'organic' ridge, textured front and three 3mm amethyst cubic zirconias. With beautiful burnished finish, this ring is 99.9% silver.  £45

Deep Fine silver freeform ring with a single cubic zirconia.  Burnished, with rough texture band.  Size O, £55.

Lovely freeform fine silver ring with burnished and textured finishes and a single gorgeous green cubic zirconia.  £45

Lovely fine silver freeform ring with light rose cubic zirconia.  Size O.  £35

Fine silver freeform 'Ocean' ring with a single ivory freshwater pearl.  Size N 1/2.  £45

Gorgeous fine silver ring with embedded flakes of silver with a brushed finish, one 4mm and two 3mm cubic zirconia's offset.  with a burnish finished band.  Size 'N'. £45  Shop Product number 1228901168

Fine silver freeform ring with alternating smooth and 'bumpy' vertical bands.  Burnished and rough texture brushed finished bands.  Size N, £35.


Fine silver freeform ring, wound with an antique and burnished finish.  Commisioned piece.

Man's Fine silver freeform ring, with a brushed and burnished finish.  Commisioned piece.

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