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Turner-Rowe Designs

Solid bronze pendant with a hand crafted flower bud, snaked in silver wirework on a lovely square silver snake chain.  £30. Sold

Fine Silver necklace with purple cubic zirconia.  Antique silver finish. £19.99

Fine solid silver 'Chysalis' pendant with a burnished finish and 3 sterling silver freeform nuggets.  £38

Fine solid silver 'Dagger' pendant with a burnished finish and an amethyst cubic zirconia.  £38

Fine Silver and bronze pendant. Silver burnished 'snake' with an antiqued bud case suspended on a bronze chain.  The pendant hangs on a twine of silver and bronze.  £35

Fine silver hand crafted antique finish flower charms with swirled

silver wirework, on a delicate belcher plus bronze chain.  £40

Solid fine silver 'forest charm' necklace on bronze double chain

with square link clasp.  Leaf, twig and bud charms all  hand-crafted,

with antiqued finishes of different colours.  Silver wound wirework

enhances this necklace design.  £55

Gorgeous Swarovski crystal 'volcano' squares, draped with silver loops.  Necklace and earring set. £45

Hand crafted Fine silver leaf and petal necklace 

with Swarovski crystal column. £20

Silver necklace with Black and aroura borealis swarovski crytals and matching earrings. £28

Bronze stylised heart with an assymetrically set AB swarovski crystal heart. £20

Fine silver pendant with a lovely antique patina and a central multicoloured hand-made dichroic cabochon. £25


Bronze curl, wrapped with silver and adorned with a gorgeous 'smokeyl' Swarovski crystal heart.  £22  


'Ice Queen' Silver necklace with  swarovski crytals and stardust beads. £28


Solid fine silver 'silver dream' charm necklace on a delicate silver

belcher chain.  Lightly antiqued leaf and flower charms, all individually  

hand-crafted, adorn this necklace, along with stardust silver beads

and aroura borealis Swarovski crystals.  Silver curled wirework supports

this necklace design.  £65  Earrings to match can be found on the earring

page, or for a closer look, on the gallery pages.


Fine silver necklace with solid silver lowers and leaves, swarovski crystals and silver stardust beads, on a delicate silver belcher chain.  The charms are delicately antiqued to give beautiful patina and depth.  £50


Silver necklace with solid bronze flowers and leaves, the beautiful soft silver wirework is adorned with pearls, silver balls and silver stardust beads, all on a delicate silver square snake chain.    £40

Silver necklace with solid silver flowers and leaves, the beautiful soft silver wirework is adorned with double Aroura borealis coated jet crystals (which gives them a gorgeous blue sparkle), and silver stardust beads on a lovely silver chain.    £45


Antiqued Silver 'shell' necklace with Aroura borealis crystals  on a lovely silver chain.    £22

Antiqued Silver flower and leaf necklace with irridescent beads, surrounded by silver wirework   on a lovely silver chain.    £25


Fine solid silver 'flower' pendant with a burnished finish and lovely cubic zirconia.  £20

Gorgeous large Swarovski crystal heart.  £24

Necklace and earring set on twisted silver with shimmering glass hearts   £28


Fine solid silver 'leaf' pendant with a burnished finish and lovely stone chip settings.  £20

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